People's Embassies of Belarus

Народныя амбасады Беларусі


People's Embassies statement of Dec 10, 2020

We, Belarusians abroad:

We announce the creation of People’s Embassies to protect the rights and interests of Belarusian citizens abroad, as well as represent the interests of a democratic Belarus.

The decision to create the People’s Embassy is made by representatives of the Belarusian diaspora on the basis of the resolution of the World Congress of Belarusians and is supported by the National Leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the People’s Anti-Crisis Management.

The main functions of the People’s Embassies: 

The creation of the People’s Embassies became part of the agenda of the World Congress of Belarusians on October 31 — November 1, 2020 and is enshrined in its Resolution


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"[The European Parliament] Highlights the tremendous importance of the establishment of people’s embassies of Belarus worldwide and urges the Commission and the Member States to provide further support to protect the rights and interests of Belarusian citizens abroad and the interests of a democratic Belarus, for example by exploring ways to fund the people’s embassies of Belarus“ — European Parliament Resolution 2021/2881(RSP) 

“Given the tremendous role that the People’s Embassies of Belarus can play, notably as communication channels with the national authorities, the Assembly strongly believes that member States should establish working relationships with them as representatives of a democratic Belarus and envisage supporting them through the provision of organisational, information and material assistance, with the aim of developing their competences and sustainability.” - PACE Resolution 2499 (2023)

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